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The Independent Article on Stuart Free

25 years ago Stuart Free embarked upon a mission to paint and record London. Armed with photographs of the city, Stuart began to make large scale dramatic paintings of the city.

He soon became particularly stimulated by venues that were socially and historically important, buildings that were very often neglected or about to disappear. Possessing nostalgic intrigue these dishevelled locations revealed colourful pasts to Stuart and the discovery of these allegories and narratives evoked a deep sense of respect and belonging. The rest is painting social history, literally. From cafes to cinemas, warehouses to shopfronts, Stuart has painted London with great love and detail.

Stuart has painted three hundred locations in London. Those of you who know the city well will find many memories in these paintings. To view prints of his work you can visit :                     Frameworks Gallery, 17 Park Road, Crouch End. N8 8TE.            Open Mon- Wed and Sat 10a.m. - 5.30p.m.            Tel 020 848 3834            The full catalogue is available to view under the painting and print tab above.